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Empowered Speech Therapy LLC

Supporting Communication Development Right from the Start!

Dunedin, Clearwater, Largo, Tarpon Springs,  Palm Harbor,  Safety Harbor, St. Pete



We are a mobile speech therapy practice serving toddlers & school-aged children throughout Pinellas County. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when your child is unable to communicate their needs. Dedicated to supporting your little one right from the start, we provide speech  therapy that is naturalistic, and rooted in connection, engagement, and FUN.


For babies, toddlers, and children of all abilities! 

So if you find yourself wondering... 


A. What can I do to be proactive in helping my child learn?

B. What can I do to help my child talk more and understand better?

C. Is my child's communication on track for their age?

We are here to support you. 


Comprehensive Consultation, Evaluation, and Treatment:

EST will offers evaluations, and on-going treatment sessions for the following areas:

  • Articulation/ speech-sound disorders

  • Early intervention for speech-language delays 

  • Speech-language delays or differences associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder 

  • Expressive/receptive language

  • Stuttering


Consultation for

School-Based Services

Looking for support on understanding your child's Individual Education Plan? EST can help! We offer IEP consultations, review, and meeting advocacy. 

Parent / Guardian Education


EST recognizes that the best communication partner for a child is their caregiver. We are committed to empowering parents and family members with the strategies and skills needed to help your child succeed. After all, no one can teach your child better than you!


At Empowered Speech Therapy LLC, children and their families can expect a dedicated and compassionate partnership that celebrates their individuality and creates a pathway to success. Together, we can unlock the potential within each child, helping them flourish and thrive in their communication abilities.




We believe that communication is at the core of human development. Through individualized therapy services, we aim to empower children and their families with the communication skills necessary to have meaningful, authentic connections with the world around them. Our therapy is built on your child’s intrinsic motivation to learn and connect. In order to facilitate your child’s intrinsic drive for communication we will always: 

Neuro diversity affirming


Parents Recommend


“Melissa offered a fresh perspective for my family when we thought we tried everything for our daughter who is minimally verbal. Her strategies helped reduce my child’s frustration and boost her communication skills.” 

“Melissa’s focus on fostering a genuine connection with the children she works with is one of the many reasons she is successful! My children look forward to working with her.”


Through our individualized therapy services, we recognize and nurture your child's unique intrinsic motivation to learn and connect

We understand that each child has their own pace and style of learning, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

Our goal is to unlock their true potential, helping them flourish and thrive in their ability to communicate effectively.

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